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sungjae singing taeyang’s eyes, nose, lips

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As some of you probably already know, I recently reached 5k followers on this blog! Although it was already several days ago, I purposefully left this until now since my exams also finished on thursday, so it’s like a double celebration! ♡ I’m really, really touched that so many of you want to follow me and that all of you are interested in BTOB - it makes me very happy. Thank you so much for following me, and although I’ve had my ups and downs this year due to the mounting pressure of my A levels, this blog, and everyone who’s followed me and sent me kind messages over these past two years, really has helped me through it. I also want to say thank you to all the blogs that I follow for making my blogging experience so enjoyable. Without them, I wouldn’t have made this blog in the first place so please know that I love every single one of you guys. To all my friends on here (most of whom I no longer talk to), I’m very sorry but please know that I still love you. ♡ You’re part of the reason why I’m still here on the website and we should definitely start talking again. I’m the procrastinator of the century, but I really hope you understand how I feel.

But anyway, thanks to all these blogs in particular for making tumblr so great! (There are no favourites because you’re all special snowflakes)

3minut3s | 94m | ashyumi | b1a4-syndrome | b3v1 | biwoneipo | borniibeat | btob | btobdaily | btobsmelody | chaootic | cnus | cutekyu | deuckling | donggeun | greyjoyofpyke | halmaes | hoonsil | ilhoonftw | jin-young | jjys | jong-daisy | lee-junghwan | nodeychu | ohpeniel | ohsungjaes | penielopi | princesseunkwang | shotadeul | sungsubbie | tienyeol | yooksjae

I really appreciate all 71 blogs that I follow but I particularly smile when I see you appear on my dash. ;u; Thank you so much! ♡ ♡ ♡
p.s. sorry for the lame edit, I don’t edit very often. I make gifs because it’s easier orz
p.p.s. I follow all of you from sandeol which is also close to reaching 2k followers yay!

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